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Originally Posted by surkon View Post
Ok, so in Canada the only legal airsoft gun is one with clear parts. I understand that much. Ive done a fair share of reaserch and now own a G&G clearsoft gun. But now reading this thread and other threads here on ASC im wondering where all these full metal non clear guns are coming from?
Years ago, clearsoft was not tolerated under any circumstance and stating how awesome it was simply lit the fire beneath your feet. During this period, (ah the golden age of ridiculous prices), there were quite a few retailers that sold mainstream brands such as TM, G&P, ICS, and WA. However, CBSA eventually began cracking down on these 'illegal' sales and retailers closed both voluntarily and involuntarily.

We still have retailers that sell these guns at a much more reasonable price as well as used guns in the AV classifieds. Getting age verified greatly increases the availability of good quality airsoft guns.

As for this new G&G Clear crap, I'll never believe the quality is on par with my G&P. In fact, G&G was always the 'inferior' brand of the known brands (Usually issues with the internals). While I'm not saying the body's material makes the gun, I know Ken (like other retailers) likes to make money; mcguyver brings up some very good points.
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