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Mad Bull Airsoft: Crazy idea... that works

From Airsoft

Interesting little news from Simon of Mad Bull Airsoft:I remembered a while ago I released the news on the forum and people said this is the craziest idea (maybe the stupidest idea) in the Airsoft industry. Why not? Airsoft is all for fun, right?The interesting thing is: IT REALLY WORKS!! You can easily convert PET can to be the silencer (very quiet) or the amplifier (super loud)!!Interesting, isn’t it?You can kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy the crazies idea in the Airsoft industry! (MSRP: around $10)P.S.:Want to know the story behind this product?I asked my engineers to design a loudest amplifier for me….and they give me a PET bottle glued on the AEG….wow….it’s so loud
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