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ok well i live in port colborne ontario, its near niagara falls. umm.. il be 18 in march and then i can get age verified right? i really want to get into playing at fields and stuff and i already have a gun to play with, its a jg m16 its not much but like i said im willing to upgrade it and make it better. can you recommend any good parts worth buying and the what they do to my gun.. of course im a newbie at this stuff so any help would be awesome.
I sit with the other guys here. Play with it until you know what needs to be upgraded. I'm not sure about JG internals -you might want to consider steel bushings and/or spring guides if it doesn't have them already, but I'd class these as "reliability upgrades". As far as "performance upgrades" are concerned, leave it alone until you know what it needs. And as for mags, if you're using 68-rounds ones, consider getting between 5 and 7, maybe more. Otherwise you'll be finding yourself reloading magazines a lot.

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