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Actiontag lasertag products

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Actiontag have sent in a newsletter covering their products. It’s in image format so you’ll have to click the image to see the large version:

Sure lasertag isn’t strictly Airsoft however it’s similar and yet different and products like the Mk6 Panzer Tank look like a lot of fun:
Funtrak Ltd has just introduced the laser version of the Mk6 Panzer Tank. Called the ‘Lazer Erazer’, this new vehicle complements the already popular Paintball Panzer ( and there is even an Airsoft tank version due out shortly). The Lazer Erazer’ is fitted with the new Action Tag laser cannon which is designed especially to allow, for the first time, realistic Tank v Tank gaming . The number of rounds loaded can be set to mirror real armour . No blazing away with ammo — here you have to stalk your target and make every round count. Radio contact with your own tank platoon members makes tank v tank battles of up to 6 tanks per side a realistic proposition.

The Action Tag tank laser cannon also provides realistic sound effects and can be set to trigger pyrotechnics and cut the ignition when a hit is scored. Watch each enemy tank ‘brew up’ as you take them out one at a time! (Actiontag)

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