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"snobsofters"... hehe, I gotta put that one in my lexicon...
yeah its a subclass of chairsofter

snobsofter: One who makes grand generalized opinions based on little or no fact; (but with a jerky attitude and less knowledge )

No Kalnaren, the 'snob' part would be stating he was being cheap for looking at .12s- you dont know him or his reasoning so why the attack? you have to get your digs in at the newbs eh? just because you cant figure out a skillful way to use them doesnt mean they are useless or that someone considering them is a 'cheap ass' - but keep it up, you and a few others sure make airsoft canada a wonderful place for newbs

edit- course I dont know you really either and sniping at you for sniping at him doesnt make this place any friendlier so I guess I'm being a dick myself- for that you have my apologies, however I stand by my initial statement that many people dont touch .12s because of the 'status' of using them as opposed to their actual performance, which is fine in CQB areas. I dont mind personal preference but airsoft has waaaay to many people who just follow what they hear rather than what they know to be fact. Fact is that several people here in lower BC have used the .12s at our field in Krakens, KWA M4s, and JG guns and they work fine for CQB- just dont go using poorly made ones.

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