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the only way things are going to get changed is to put pressure on the people that draft up these laws. real guns are much easier to acquire for the criminal element, not to mention much more effective for their intended use. these people have a 'rep' to uphold after all.

i have seen the laws change subtly since 1977, when i first started in the shooting hobby. it has been a systematic disarmament of the law abiding public with very little opposition over the years. the biggest reaction came about with the gun registry as presented by alan rock. it is still there, albeit enforcement is questionable at best.

as mentioned, funds were not sufficient to continue, leading to the plea. so much for a fair and equitable trial. there is so much 'wrong' in this situation. it must be easier to prosecute where there is little to no 'experience' in air soft, than genuine nefarious personage.

education would seem the most likely avenue to follow, however, we are dealing with politicians. enough said.

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