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Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
get av also g and g is a cheep clear armlight solution too
To clarify that, in case you didn't understand. G&G (brand) is a good solution for cheap sub $300 guns they are considered "china clones" but are up there in the same league as the "big boys".

Think of the difference between a cheap American car (I mean really cheap like below $10,000), a cheap Import car (around $13,000), and a high end Import car($40,000+). G&G would probably be the cheap Import car.

Armalites are a type of gun (the AR-15 otherwise known to most as the M4/M16).

Any terms you may see and don't know, just ask because some terms used may be really cryptic (such as AR-15, MOLLE, CIRAS, Cansoft, etc.) to those not in the know.
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