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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
The choice to use .12s is controversal as you can see (a lot of snobsofters cant even imagine touching them). In reality quite a few locals have used .12s for CQB and they work fine- slightly faster for those close and tight areas is an advantage but they do not have the range or accuracy that .2s have so they dont see much use outside of CQB.

Many .12s are made terribly (seams and nipples and such that can scratch a barrel or rip a hop-up) so you need to be careful with what brand you select. Most of the .12s used here are the Crosman orange/yellow ones and no one has had any problems with scratches or rips from those.
Snobsofters? How is not wanting to tear the living hell out of your gun being a snob?

As you say, many (Ie, almost all) .12's are made like crap. Getting high quality ones are generally more expensive than buying good .20's...

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