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Agreed. Far tooo many new players are upgrading or buying preupgraded guns with no idea of what they are doing. FPS is not the be all end all of the sport. Learning how to use what you have is far more important. As far as mags go, try to hook up with the teams in your area and see what they use/allow. For some teams, using hicaps is ok, for others, they don't allow them or very much discourage their use. Hicaps tend to turn a rifle into a SAW really fast and it ruins the realism part of the game, in addition to not teaching new players fire control as they can just pin the trigger and let it rip. Personally, I prefer lowcaps (68 round for armalites) and carry 13 in my loadout. Midcaps are a decent compromise, holding about 100-150 rounds depending on the gun/mag type and make. Armalite hicaps hold 300 rounds.
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