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Originally Posted by sushi_boy604 View Post
hows the recoil? i have the p226 PTP and the recoil isn't what i hoped for. i am saving up for my m9 ptp.
Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
.....There is 3 distincs with dots on the sights to help accuracy. The power seem stronger then the 330fps KJW, wich is normal since it is rated at 360fps. The blowback is strong and crisp.
I wouldn't say it kicks like a mule or anything as such, but it is fast, crisp, and strong compaired to any other unmodded pistol.
I'm very pleased with the one I got last season, and it has served me well. Though I have not handled a p226 in the PTP version...I knew better than to get one.

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