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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
By law, imitation firearms are not firearms. This is a very important distinction. If an imitation fulfills the legal criteria for firearm, it ceases to be a mere imitation and becomes a firearm. Short of that, it remains merely an imitation and are legally distinct from firearm.

Their use as weapons in criminal acts result in the same punishments, but their separation as different legal categories is clearly illustrated by the fact that they occupy two different subjections of s. 85. When the CAFP fact sheets refer to firearms, it specifically refers to firearm as defined by the Criminal Code section 2 and 84(3). In that regard, minors cannot legally acquire firearm. Conversely, there is no law on the acquisition or possession of imitation firearm, because they are not firearm.
Did you miss this part?
"4. Air guns that are neither firearms nor replicas

These are air guns that are not powerful enough to be classified as firearms and that do not resemble a real firearm closely enough to be considered a replica. An example would be a harmless air gun made out of clear plastic or a device that is obviously a child’s toy.

Like replicas, they generally fall within the definition of an “imitation firearm” and are subject to some penalties under the Criminal Code if used to commit a crime."

Air guns do fall under the laws of legal age of purchase in this country. Hence the 18+ to purchase. Yes it is up to him if he wishes to supervise his child or not and allow him to keep it, but the fact is it should not have been sold with out an adult there for permission. And he has already said he did not give permission to his son or the store for him to buy it.

Originally Posted by Reconn3 View Post
Thanks Crunchmeister, Just to make things clear, I didn't give my son consent to buy the gun.
My first impression was that the store should NOT have sold the gun to him. There's even a bright yellow 'WARNING' label on the back clearly stating the gun should not be sold to a minor (U.18) and that I.D. is required prior to the sale.

I'm definitely going to have words with them...

Thanks again.
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