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Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
how are the groupings and arnt theys ksc compatible? also do you find the kick harder than the kjw my kjw i have a 150 hammer spring and it kicks hard how's this thing stock. also forgot to add is the mag catch plastic or metal???
The mag catch is metal. Everything on these are metal except for the outter barrel and the grips.
In terms of the groupings, I haven't actually done any testing, but using 0.20s gets you about the same range as 300 fps AEG with a poor grouping (about 2 hits on a 1 foot target at 120 feet out of 10 shots). However, using 0.30 weight BBs resulted in a marginally shorter overall range, but drastically improved the ballistics and over all accuracy.

Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Also forgot to mention, for people experiences with this new version of the KWA M9, a list of compatible upgrades would be great:

high flow valve
enchanced recoil and hammer spring
6.01 thigh bore
Any of the parts for the KWA PTP M9 are compatable with the KWA M9 "Heavy", which are the available upgrades for the KWA M9. The only thing that isn't compatable are the mags.

In either case there are no upgrades available for the M9 PTP (as KWA has thrown the best of what the have into it) there is no point in installing an enhanced hammer or recoil spring, and it already has their high flow valve. Though a 6.01 TN barrel would be nice to see.


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