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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Again, company policy with no legal basis in Canadian firearm law. More for any perceived possibility of liability by WM's lawyers. Instead of quoting WM, I recommend you to read through the entirety Criminal Code, the Firearms Act, and search through all regulations enabled by said statutes and all provincial and territorial bylaw databases for anything contrary to what I've said.

Reconn3 shouldn't let company policy dictate how he raise his kids.
Sigh so since your refering to Canadian Firearm Law in general now:

Simple one:
"4. Air guns that are neither firearms nor replicas

These are air guns that are not powerful enough to be classified as firearms and that do not resemble a real firearm closely enough to be considered a replica. An example would be a harmless air gun made out of clear plastic or a device that is obviously a child’s toy.

Like replicas, they generally fall within the definition of an “imitation firearm” and are subject to some penalties under the Criminal Code if used to commit a crime." - here it specifically refers to a child's toy. Yes hopefully his child will not try to commit a crime, but in todays world of soccer moms, commiting a crime could be something as simple as him pointing it at a friend in his house and said friend telling his parents who react badly.

More specifically:
"Firearm Users Younger than 18
Those under 18 years of age are not permitted to bring firearms into Canada or to acquire firearms by any means, even as a gift, but they can use them under some circumstances"

Said minor aquired it with out a parent or adult present. Once again.

Most company policies that retailers post and use, are due to laws in this country and them requiring ways to protect themselves against said laws if someone who purchases an item from them breaks the law with them.
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