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hey, im not too sure why im posting it in the neubie section, but couldn'd figure out where else to put it, so here we are.

At the moment, i use a JG HK416 w/full stock, EG1000 motor, 9.6v 3300 mah battery and all the obvious upgrades (metal bushings ect)

As a side arm i used a CYMA glock 18 AEP but sadly, that died and i would rather like a change in gun.

I am not too sure wether to go for a change and get a GBB or stick with a AEP.

My choises are, if i were to be getting an AEP, i would get the DE M81 as it has a high fps and is sturdy due to its metal slide.

and if i were to get a GBB, i would get the TM M92F as it is good for your money and has the awesome feel that a GBB should have

So do you guys think i should stick with an AEP or get a GBB?
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