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Folks, thanks for the multiple and quick responses.

I'm surprised to hear about the bio degradable BB's but it's good advice.

We play with goggles but they're not good enough so we'll upgrade.

The wheel I was talking about was not the Hop-up but the magazine wheel, so I guess the answer is yes, we should expect to be turning it often.

From L473ncy
6. AV sometimes is hard to do I understand but it's well worth it. I personally didn't wait too long for mine but I have heard of some people having conflicting schedules and not being able to get it done but the other option is to go to a game, get a loaner and do your AV then because there is usually a Verifier at most games. Sorry but it's policy that the Age Reps do have to see you in person even if you couldn't be mistaken for a 15 year old in any way. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about airsoft.
Yeah. That might prove to be a problem depending on my work schedule. I often have to travel to the US. My 3 boys play hockey. I'm running a business and managing a property in Florida. I just don't know if I could find some time to go thru AV. There seem to be limited verifiers in my area as well. Then again, I don't think anyone here is quite ready to purchase the 300$+ guns so we may not need to go thru that yet.

Once again, I appreciate your answers and comments.
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