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Originally Posted by Cpt.Flan View Post
Like it has been said earlier we cannot afford to start to divide into multiple ideological groups.
Some people believes that has already happened. Most recently, the whole thing over whether guns with transparent lower receiver are indeed acceptable airsoft guns, just to name one.

One day CBC will come to a game and do a report for the 6 o'clock news and tell everyone that if you see guys in full army set up and M4's, no worries! It must be airsoft guys playing a game!.... Yea right!
Yes, right, as in it's already happened once. It wasn't CBC, I think it was Global or something.

AEG replica's = Not legal in a way till now
Still not legal. The only reason guns with transparent receiver'd guns get in is precisely because they are not replica firearm by interpretation of the legal definition.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take control of one's own fate.
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