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Are people looking at the link I posted? It's a transparent, super deformed softair device. It is no where near the "grey area" of replica firearm, and in many parts of the world is commonly found in the possession of preteens.

What Reconn3 should do is decide whether he is comfortable with his son having a toy gun that shoots at all, and if so, what sort of supervised play he will permit. Our (airsoft's) legality has no bearing has Reconn3's decision as a parent. Furthermore, I personally recommend against FOX's extreme notion that just because kids using such a device require constant supervision, that Reconn3's son should not be allowed to own one.

Ultimately, Reconn3, it's an issue of:
- Are you comfortable with your son playing with (fully legal) toy guns?
- Can you spend the necessary time with your son to ensure safe, supervised play?
- Can you keep the device secured so that no unsupervised play is possible?
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