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Oh boy... Can someone explain to me why the fuck someone feel the absolute need to make this "GAME" commercial and country wise popular and socially accepted?!?!

WTF! To be honest, I think the quality of this activity is due to the good control and relatively low number of players.

Like it has been said earlier we cannot afford to start to divide into multiple ideological groups. If this sport has to come to something that the society accept and tolerate it will by itself. A little like paintball. No need to speed up things for once! One day CBC will come to a game and do a report for the 6 o'clock news and tell everyone that if you see guys in full army set up and M4's, no worries! It must be airsoft guys playing a game!.... Yea right!

AEG replica's = Not legal in a way till now
Paintball shits = A 13 years old kid can almost buy one anytime or order it from US.

We don't go to law and try to change it will come to us!

Till then ( super public national airsoft 100% legit airsoft clubs... ) enjoy your quality games whit your dear ASC teammates and friends!

There is about 2-3 quality games a month around my area. WTF you want more?!?

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