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If your just gonna run around your backyard and shoot at each other with your kids and have a happy time with the famliy. Then yes your purchase was good, but if you're trying to get into the military simulations and big games with other people then no your guns do not stack up to the quality of their guns. For example your guns cost roughly $100-150, their guns cost roughly $400-500 depending on what make + they usually throw up to and possibly more than $200 in upgrades on one single gun.

And as for the wheel no you dont have to turn it every single shot, and it's called a hop-up. You adjust until the point where the bb's fly out of the gun straight then leave it. And since many variables can effect the flight of a bb, it's smart to adjust everytime you play outdoors.

There wont be many issues when playing in the -15 degree weather. The main ones are just watch out for the battery and the gearbox.

Also I know how everyone is environmentally friendly but dont use bio-bb's they have a tendency to shatter in the gun, plus it can shatter on impact resulting in a spray of bb fragments.
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