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In a nutshell, the guys who roll into that other thread with a plan to save airsoft all come across selling the need for somebody to appear with a “top down” plan that will change the law in Canada in regards to airsoft.

As part of a happy coincidence with saving the game the price of tools of the trade will be slashed to the US levels by allowing US and Asian retailers to ship across the border with no restrictions on what AEGs, GBBs, etc. are sent to Canada.

The plans may be dressed up with other tones of concern about the faint flame of the game being snuffed out but after they've been picked at a bit the bones of the argument are always the same.

The calm voices that intercede always suggest some sort of loosely allied grassroots program to improve the image of airsoft face to face. Now you'll never win over the shrill curtain twitchers in the bigger cities (and don’t think they aren’t in small towns either) even if you turn AEGs into super soakers. Over time you can start to win over that silent majority.

For the folks who want to get a M4 from Airsoft Atlanta that's just too much of a commitment of time and effort. The dilettantes are the ones killing the sport, not the powers that be. The ones who dip in their toe, quit, and then bad mouth airsoft to anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in the same place as they are.

So in the meantime keep playing, introduce your friends and family to what you do. Go out and spend time in the Community and volunteer on school trips or litter cleanup days and become a leader on your own merits. Keep your hobby secondary to being a good citizen and then after time you’ll find yourself in a position to change the public perception of what this activity is.

The catch is (and the deal breaker for most of the empire builders) is this will take years and years to do. Maybe by the time my kid is in his 30s this kind of activity won't be lumped in with the evil drug dealers and the like.
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