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Please help me buy guns for my kids and me...

Happy New Year!

First of all, I know my topic is a little vague, but please bear with me as I am trying to come to grips with a lot of new concepts regarding this sport. I’ve done a lot of reading on this site and googled to my heart’s content but too much info sometimes is not much better than ‘not enough’.

I’m hoping to get some advice from you, experienced players.

Let me start from the beginning. My son came to me recently with this new trip of his: Airsoft! After doing a bit of research on this site, my first position was “Hell no!”

I have since then changed my stance and am allowing him and his brother to play. Not only that, they got me hooked up!

We play in my backyard and in the forest behind my house. We live in a nice secluded area of St-Marc-sur-Richelieu and have access to this nice private patch of wood. Our games are mostly casual and fun. Distance is usually not that much of an issue but reliability still is important. I believe we can live with 200ish FPS guns but they have to shoot when we expect them to.

One of my boys bought a Crosman Pulse R70 at Canadian Tire and we soon found the error of our ways. We brought that back and we went to SAIL where he got a DPMS A17 R.I.S. & Pistol Kit. This gun seems to perform much better but he is still having issues with the limited battery charge and sometimes the gun won’t fire – nothing comes out.

My other son got himself a Crosman Pulse R72 which seems to be the best bang for the buck so far.

We purchased bio-degradable .2g BBs, we’re about to get some good goggles and I’d like to get myself a fairly decent gun.

After giving you a bit of background, here are my questions:

1) Given a limited 100-150CAD$ budget, would you say Sam made a good decision to buy the DPMS A17 Kit?

2) Given a limited 100-150CAD$ budget, would you say Thom made a good decision to buy the Crosman R72 Pulse gun?

3) Is it normal that we have to turn the wheel after almost every shot to get a steady shooting performance with those guns?

4) Should we anticipate issues with our guns when playing at -15 Celcius? Would the battery be less reliable? Would the guns not fire sometimes?

5) and seem expensive to me for what they offer. Can I get much better guns from this site with a 100$ to 200$ budget once I get age verified or is everything here usually higher end products in the 300+ price range ?

6) Is the Age Verification process efficient at all? 2 of the 3 guys I tried could not be reached (bounced email and full PM inbox, nothing to do with the New Year). Heck, all I need is for one guy in authority to get on Skype with me, see my ugly 40-year old mug on camera and I’m good. No one could ever mistake me for a 15-year old kid. 

I think that’s about it for now. I really appreciate the time you’ll take to answer my questions and provide advice.

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