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Originally Posted by BloodDrinker View Post
and ignore fox as they're are parents who's kids use real guns like 12 shot guns in they're supervission and have since they where 8. and heck my GF's 7 year old is learning to play
No do not ignore fox, he is one of our communities age verifiers and has had more experience with the dealings regarding the age restrictions in place then most here.

While there are a few clubs across the country with allow 16+ year olds to play it is only with parental consent and in several places parental supervision, the majority of places are 18+ to own and play.

Over all, most stores should not sell anything that resembles a real fire arm to minors, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire have both implemented 18+ rules and locally I have seen them enforcing it quite strongly at the cash counters.

If you wish to allow your child to keep it then please do it responsibly and only in your supervision till they are old enough.

Should that store have sold what by legal definition in Canadian law a gray area prohibited item, no they should not have.

That is the question asked, should they have sold this item to a 12 year old child with no parental supervision or permission. No.
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