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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
To make it a sport, you would have to eliminate the way we play currently, and turn it into something like speedball, or someone will have to invent a standardized game set, and make tournaments available for them. That would be a terrible turn-off for most players out there.
OK. My first post of the new year.

Paintball does have woodsball still which is closer to Airsoft. Also there are "speedball" kinda games for airsoft but they still tend to lean towards a woodsball kinda deal.

IIRC there are "tournaments" at some facilities. I believe there was a CQB take the balloon kinda thing tournament running somewhere (Was it XT?).

The difference between paintball and airsoft in my mind is that one for the most part has "unrealistic guns", sure there are things like RAP4 or whatever but the majority of the "markers" don't have real life counterparts that exist. This gives the impression of a "water-gun" type of association to paintball markers.

Airsoft on the other hand is "realistic and scary" for the most part. Almost everyone has a gun who has a real life counterpart (Glock's, AR15's, Sig Sauer's, G36's, MP5 etc.). Save for the "JG Dragon" (Yes, really a shell over an M4) and VSR-10 there are little other "made up" guns in the airsoft world. People associate our guns as guns because for the most part they have real life counterparts which are used to hurt others both in crime and in war, whereas people don't really hurt you with a paintball gun only leave a welt (if you're SWAT and have a pepper ball gun it's still not like it's a lethal "shoot to kill" kind of thing).

One thing as a community is that we have to be united and stop bickering among ourselves, take a good well thought out idea and run with it. If we fight among ourselves that just sets up our demise because we are split into factions thinking one idea is the "right and best way".
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