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In a roundabout way, what I said in my first post. Also, as has been said pepeatedly on this forum, FPS is not everything. While it give you your initial range and time to target, if the gun isn't in itself accurate or if you use too light BB's for you application, you won't be able to hit water if you fall out of a boat.

Most players start off with 0.20g bb's because you typically get more in a bag and newer players tend to lack fire control. As the players progress, they typically switch to 0.25g bb's (or heavier). While this drops their effective range (meaning you have to be closer to your target, which many players find challenging in itself), the stability of the heavier BB offsets this. You need less rounds to hit your target with a heavier BB. Of course there are some guns that just like 0.20g BB's for whatever reason. My TM Glock 26 Advance detests 0.25G bb's, no matter what I do to it. But 0.20g BB's shoot wonderfully out of it. It will out range a stock TM M4 easily and is more accurate. How? Beats me, but I'm not complaining.

To answer the initial question a bit better, I tried using 0.23g BB's a while back and found the overall performance of the 0.25g to be better. There's not a significant enough difference between the 0.20g and the 0.23g to be worth it IMO. But don't be afraid to buy a bag and try them out, your gun might like them. Also, don't be afraid to try different brands. Some guns are finicky about BB's.
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