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Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
ya but he was inside of his house, so I dont think it got affected by wind
Bloodsport didn't say anything about wind. What you're talking about is consistancy, not just things effecting accuracy. Providing the wind is constant, BB's should still be more or less consistant.

I know TM is one of the best brands, for quality and all that, but it requires alot of work and money to make it run properly
TM's run perfectly out of the box. How many other brands can you run for several years stock with little to no issues? What do you find is "wrong" with them? And don't say FPS... every newbie thinks any gun with less than 350 FPS has a "problem", even if it explodes after 1,000 rounds. TM guns perfrom well, consistant, accuractly, and are reliable. I don't see an issue. Hell, if a newbie can afford it and they don't want to mess with internals, I and everyone else will always recommend a TM. If to you a TM has "perfromance problems" it's the shooter that needs work, not the gun.

Yes, it can be hard to compete with sub-400 FPS guns all shooting .28+ BB's in woodland battles. But the TM still performs great if you use it right.
and I learned all that with my guntech....and also read alot on ASC!
This isn't a flame, but maybe you should read more.

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