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Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
There is nothing outside of your gun that will affect that, and i doubt its a sight problem, Usually, due to the poor quality of those AEGs, before shooting them you have to check some stuff, (clean the mechbox (too much grease), change the hopup rubber (wich is in most case a POS) and ya sometime you'll have to realign your inner barrel...)
Wind, Sights misaligned if you are using them, heck even holding the gun wrong can all affect the direction of the bb's

Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
We were there before you so we know what's wrong with those AEGs...
You've been here less then a year and not much longer then these guys.

Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
But if you start with a good platform (CA, VFC, Star, G&G...(at least JG)) you wont have that kind of problem... (I didnt mention TM because you usually need alot of upgrades to get them to shoot well and because they are expensive)

Sorry Airsoft is an expensive sport....
TM is one of the best brands on the market wtf are you talking about......

If your going to give advise please please be well known here on these boards with some real and known experience. Last thing we need here is misinformation.
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