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New KGB swamp, less mud more bricks!

From Arnie's Airsoft:

With the potential of the KGB guys loosing their swamp they’ve upgraded to a shiny new CQB site (posted by the Chef in our forums):
Hola, A small announcement for our new site. What with our beloved swamp potentially being given planning permission for some wave machine or another, we felt it time to move on.

We have now secured an Urban complex (the first in good old County Kernow) which is pretty mahoosive!

The new site is situated at Tuckingmill, CAMBORNE just off the A30. We at KGB are about to embark on a major building campaign and the plan is to have a purpose built CQB arena, complete with multiple rooms, multiple levels, compounds and all manner of interesting terrain features to complete the Close Quarter Battle zone.

Here are a few pics of the new site. (sorry about the quality, iPhone cameras are poop).

The new site will be opening within the next couple of weeks and will be a case of ‘work in progress’ for our regulars, but like at the swamp, we’ll just be building stuff and growling like a boil!

For more info, visit our website at

All prices, rules and other such stuff will remain the same in true KGB style.

Join the forum and get in on the banter. Cheers guys, hope to see some of you soon. The Chef, ()

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