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Thumbs up KWA M9 PTP review/pictures

Hi guys, as you know already from my mopic review, I received this KWA M9 PTP. There is already an excellent review of this airsoft here on this forum, but a new one could be refreshing. My last GBB was a KJW M9 Elite IA so I will compare both, even if it is been more then 2 years since I sold this one.

The box is beautiful, it comes with cheap .2g bbs, hop up key and silicone oil, wich surprised me. What surprised me more, is the emptiness of loading rod... must load the magazine by hand, wich is long. Anyway.

The gun is very heavy, around 1.1 kg and the weight is well distributed, even without the mag. The KJW version had a bad ratle when the magazine was in, this one doesn't ratle at all and feel stronger then the KJW one.

On apparence, the gun is empy of any brand and marking, wich I founded cool on the KJW one, even with his fake product number. But it is only blingness factor anyway.

The gun come with a plastic outer barrel with a orange painted nozzle, wich I painted back in black.

There is 3 distincs with dots on the sights to help accuracy. The power seem stronger then the 330fps KJW, wich is normal since it is rated at 360fps. The blowback is strong and crisp.

In conclusion, the quality is nice, all metal (almost) constructed, easy hop up adjusting, strong and accurate, so a good buy

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