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Man, you need to learn alot:

1) Those ICS guns are not available yet. To my knowledge (and as told to me by dealers who have bought from these guys), they aren't out yet.

2) The plastic ABS composite on a Marui is not polycarbonate. ABS does not come in clear. Totally different plastic. ABS flexes. Poly shatters. I know, I work with ABS, Poly and PVC everyday. They all react different with changes in temperature.

3) The G&G guns I've seen from CAS are the same $193 dollar guns from Redwolf with cheaper parts on them and without the nicer trimmings. Plastic hop-ups aren't in $400 U.S. G&G M4s. G&G guns traditionally have always shot 350ish FPS, have been quite accurate (newer ones are advertised with 6.04mm barrels).

Costs to manufacture a polycarbonate receiver are about the same as a zinc alloy or ABS. It's all injection moulded. Painting or powder coating takes but seconds by robot.

What makes no sense to me is that a $193 dollar U.S. gun that sells for $350 at 007 and $308 at CAS (but in a cheaper form) would be compared to the $400 U.S. at Redwolf.

Is 007's $400 G&G exactly the same as a $400 U.S. G&G but with a different receiver? Do you honestly believe that? Why not get Ken to elaborate about that here once and for all? I'm sure there are going to be other differences.
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