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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I have yet to see an ICS with a clear receiver, but I've seen hundreds (no joke either) of their standard fare.
Right here...

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
And there is no way anyone is going to convince me that a polycarbonate receiver is as strong as ABS or magnesium or even zinc alloy potmetal.
Yet people will swear up and down that there's no need to replace a plastic body on a TM with metal. There are a lot of stock-bodied TM guns that have withstood years of field abuse without any problems with their lower receivers breaking. I don't see why a polycarb receiver would be any different if it isn't abused. Accidents do happen, but those accidents can just as easily break a metal gun. Even the receiver on a $2000 PTW breaks. If it breaks eventually, then it's time to get a new receiver. No big deal, really.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Some of their internals "may" be the same by design, but I promise you that they haven't found every way possible to keep the costs down, and as time goes on, the quality of all the parts will tell the tale.

This is still new territory for everyone, and the summer gaming season isn't even upon us. Give it some time.
When Ken first introduced us to the G&G "cansoft" line at 007, he specified in his thread that these were the SAME guns G&G sold with all metal receivers, only with a clear lower instead. He said they all other parts are identical to their non-clear lines. So you're saying that either G&G lied to Ken, or that Ken lied to us.

As for G&G keeping "costs down", I think that makes no sense at all. They don't need to cut costs to make them at that price. These cansoft G&G are selling comparatively for more than the US price of their all metal counterparts, although not a whole lot more. Once G&Gs initial manufacturing costs are covered, it costs them way less to manufacture a clear plastic receiver than a metal one. Even if G&G sell their cansoft models to Canadian distributors for more than what they sell their metal guns to distributors in other countries, that's still a huge savings for the Canadian consumer and a bigger per-unit profit for G&G. So why lower the quality of the internals to save money?
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