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Originally Posted by Nik12 View Post
I used to think like that. I was all for the Berettas, the Colts, the hicapas, and whatnots. Some how I ended up with a Glock. Couldn't have made a better choice as far as I'm concerned.

Although I will say once you pump a grand's worth of extra toys and add-ons into a 1911 or hicapa, those things are sexy.
Agreed. Never cared for the look of Glocks much, but had to have one to add to my collection because it's such a standout piece of handgun history. But once I started shooting it, it quickly became my favourite gun. It's got the perfect size, weight and balance. A metal slide and tightbore barrel later (roughly $120 worth of upgrades) and I have myself a reliable tack driver that can outrange some AEGs. Its been my primary pistol since I got it, and I'd have a really hard time convincing myself to switch to anything else for field use. I've tried using my other pistols in the field, but always go back to my Glock.

And as you can see by my sig, I have a LOT of pistols. So I'm not blowing smoke out my ass like some fanboy. I still think Glocks are ugly guns, but what a gun looks like has absolutely no bearing on how it performs. And to me, that's what counts.
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