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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
And another good point is that we actually see these semi-clear guns selling for about the same price that their black counterparts sell for out of country. That in itself makes a big difference to many people. When you consider that it's $340-ish plus $5 for a can of spray paint for a "cansoft" G&G, it's a far cry from the $600 for the same gun in black when considering both are identical in every way that truly counts when you're on the field...
Absolutely 100% not true. A G&G gun that sells for $400 at Redwolf is leaps and bounds ahead of one that sells for $400 in Canada. I have yet to see an ICS with a clear receiver, but I've seen hundreds (no joke either) of their standard fare.

And I have seen plenty of G&G over the years. I did a semi-review of the M14 here in 2005.

And there is no way anyone is going to convince me that a polycarbonate receiver is as strong as ABS or magnesium or even zinc alloy potmetal.

Some of their internals "may" be the same by design, but I promise you that they haven't found every way possible to keep the costs down, and as time goes on, the quality of all the parts will tell the tale.

This is still new territory for everyone, and the summer gaming season isn't even upon us. Give it some time.
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