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I hate the term "cansoft" myself. I think that sounds pretty gay, honestly. However, by that same token, I don't classify this new wave of semi-clear guns the same way I would traditional clearsoft.

Clearsoft is the crap that's been typically available at Cdn Tire and Wal Mart for years now. They're low performers, unreliable, and non-repairable when they break after a few rounds. They're not compatible with any other gun, part, magazine or accessory, and don't have hopups. This is what we typically mean by clearsoft.

Cosmetics aside for the realism crowd, these new "cansoft" guns are not of that ilk. In the case of ICS or G&G guns, you get exactly the same gun you would with the same internals as the metal guns, only with a clear lower receiver instead. That's a far cry from the trash people usually associate with the term "clearsoft". No one would classify either ICS or G&G's regular non-clear guns to be garbage. They make excellent quality AEGs that are used in fields everywhere by seasoned players.

The same is true of JG and their new line of semi-clear guns. While JG are a budget brand, they are by far the best of the China clones, and their clear guns are identical to their regular line in every was except for a clear lower and a much lower price tag because they're legal for import and sale in Canada.

And another good point is that we actually see these semi-clear guns selling for about the same price that their black counterparts sell for out of country. That in itself makes a big difference to many people. When you consider that it's $340-ish plus $5 for a can of spray paint for a "cansoft" G&G, it's a far cry from the $600 for the same gun in black when considering both are identical in every way that truly counts when you're on the field...
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