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Christmas updates from UN Company

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Thereís a load of updates from UN Company in my mailbox which Iíll add as one update (sorry Iíve been outof the loop for a week so things have got piled up):
Hi there,

Happy Holiday!  UNCompany has launched the LUCKY DRAW 2008 scheme. Customer having chance to get Vega Force Company most recently new AK Krinkow PDW, King Arms AEG or UNCash Coupon for free. Values up to USD 3860.00

Get the chance before too late! Details can be found at Thanks, Alice, (UN Company)


Dear Sir/Madam, Hurry up! Santa is coming. UNCompany updated the seasonal special offers.

Join discount can up to 15% off!

UN Company special offers
  • - 7 % off instant discount  (no coupon number is needed also J)
  • - UNCash Coupon Scheme  (Join discount can up to 15% off!)
  • - Lucky Draw Ė Prize upgrade to VFC KAC PDW AEG (Deluxe Ver) & King Arms L1A1
  • - Free instant giveaways
  • - Large amount of Special packages and 40%off discounted offers!!
Details can be found at Best Regards, Sales (UN Company)


For this week I have searched for a lot of new items at our shop and I have selected A&K M249 MK2 AEG.. It is from a Chinese AEG Brand. And our company have tested it as made sure it is Qualified. I will introduce them as follows:

Package Includes:
  • l A&K M249 MK2 AEG
  • l A&K M249 Rail Top Cover
  • l China Made ELCAN 3.4X Optical Sight
  • l China Made 5.56mm Cartridge
  • l Classic Army M249 Series Tactical Gun Sling (Back/Green)
  • l Sound Activated Box Mag
  • l 9.6V Mini Type Battery & Charger
  • l Manual & Box
  • l Velocity: 400FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
  • l Gearbox: Metal/CA Type
  • l Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • l Length: 1050mm
Relative Products:
  • l Classic Army Aluminum Honeycomb Filter
The weight is 7900g

And the Promotional Price is HKD$ 399

For more information please kindly check out our web site at (UN Company)


Marui SOPMOD M4 AEG (Blow Back)

Currently the Japanese Manufacturer Marui has announced a new AEG which is called the Marui SOPMOD M4 AEG (Blow Back). It has a lot of new features. Firstly it is constructed with Full Metal actually it is the Aluminium. Also the Gearbox is of Version 2 and there is a Blow Back Function with 82/30 Rounds Magazine. It is just like the Systema PTW. When the magazine is empty, the play have to Press the Blow Release for shooting again. Besides there is selective 82 Rounds/ 30 Rounds Magazine for Both Realistic and Training Purposes. It also includes a SOPMOD Style Rear Sight and SOPMOD Style Stock.

  • Built Material: Full Metal (Aluminium) with Plastic Stock
  • Gearbox: Brand New Design GearBox with Blow Back Function
  • Motor: EG1000
  • Magazine: 82 Rounds/ 30 Rounds (6mm/Selective)
  • Length: 803mm-878mm
  • Hop Up System: Semi Auto/ Full Auto
  • Battery: 8.4V 1300mAh New Type for SOPMOD Stock (Sorry it is not included)
  • Package includes: AEG, Magazine, BBs, Charger Adaptor, Manual & Box
It is compatible with Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD Magazine ONLY and Bolt-Lock Feature on the Marui M4 SOPMOD when using Marui 82/30 Rounds Magazine ONLY.

The Overall Weight is 3500g. The Promotional Price is USD$ 470

Furthermore there is some relative products for using the AEG. It is the 8.4V 1300mAh Battery for Marui SOPMOD M4, (it is sold at USD$ 53), Marui 430 Rds Magazine for SOPMOD M4, (it is sold at USD$ 44) and Marui 82/ 30Rds Mag for SOPMOD M4 (it is sold at USD$ 29)

After seeing the above review I hope you can have a brief idea about the newly launched AEG. And if you are interested in it you can visit our website at for more details. (UN Company)

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