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WA Colt BOB CHOW at UN Company

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Here’s all the latest from UN Company:
WA Colt BOB CHOW Special-Limited (Grey)

Currently UN Company has launched a Christmas Special Items which is the Western Arms Colt Bob Chow Special Limited Edition. And it is supplied in Limited Amount. It is available in Grey Color which is very stylish in its design. Besides, it is installed with Heretts Wood Grip for easy gripping. There is a Steel Belt Clip on the right side. And there is a Smooth Slide Corner and Adjustable Sight. It is also installed with Textured Trigger Guard and Front Grip. The Built Material is made of Heavy Weight Plastic. The Magazine Capacity is 21+1 Rounds. The Overall Length is 219mm. The Inner Barrel is 6.03mm accuracy. The System is SCW3, Gas Blow Back and Hop Up. The Package includes a Gun, a Magazine and a Manual. The Total Weight is 920g. Now it costs only USD$ 258.

There is also other relative products about the WA Magazine available for you to choose. They are the WA Government 21Rds Magazine BC which costs USD$ 46 and WA Government 21Rds Magazine BC Ver 1.5 which costs only USD$ 50. For more information please kindly check out our web site at (UN Company)

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