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Popular Airsoft / Team OmegaZone grab the B.O.L.O.

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Popular Airsoft have sent in news concerning a recent event that they held:
15 December 2008, Manila, Philippines. Team Omega Zone (Team OZ) grabs Popular Airsoft’s  Ratratan 2008 B.O.L.O. (Be on the lookout), Philippine Selection for the 1st World Airsoft Challenge. In a national tournament in which 24 teams joined, Team OZ bested some of the  best and toughest airsoft teams. Ratratan 2008 B.O.L.O. is one of the most grueling and challenging airsoft combat tournaments ever in 2008.

Team Fenris GUNGNIR and Team Tactical Lab took the 1st and 2nd Runners-up respectively. Together with Team OZ, they shall be representing the Philippines in the upcoming Rapier 01: World Airsoft Challenge which will be held in late 2009.
An estimated number of 350 players and spectators graced the event.


Intel reports reaching HQ details the presence of the cartel’s kingpin – Elias Morales in Kampo Kalesa, heavily guarded by Private Military Contractors: numbers unknown. Paramilitary units are also on standby to complement the cartel’s army.Your unit is designated as our “eyes on the ground”. HQ deems it imperative that your team identifies and confirms the presence of Elias Morales. Your primary mission is RECONNAISANCE. You are to report any and all activities related to the Rosetta Cartel and Morales.


Your unit will be inserted two-clicks from the cartel’s heavily guarded fortress. You can take out enemy guards as spotted, however, avoiding contact with the enemies is recommended, but not required.

You must choose your targets carefully, as some possess valuable information that will be crucial in accomplishing your mission.


Teams OZ, Fenris GUNGNIR, Tactical Lab, and SWAK were the only teams to breach the fortress and proceed to the extraction point under the time limit of 15 minutes. Team SWAK put the heaviest pressure on all teams, by proving that the mission can be accomplished after several teams ahead of them all failed. The rest of the teams pushed harder as they can trying to beat Team SWAK, of which the top three teams eventually outpointed Team SWAK.


The Asia Bureau of Popular Airsoft would like to send their gratitude and salutes all the teams who have acted in the most honourable way. It’s one of the most well-organised airsoft tournaments ever seen in the Philippines. The Asia Bureau, headed by Brahma and Ogre, supported by the Hammerheads, Team Black Gulaman, and Team SAG, pulled off one of the most memorable events in airsoft for 2008.

This event would not have been possible without the sponsors who have supported the Asia Bureau to ensure that they pull if off:
- City Government of Sta Rosa, Filipino Airsoft (FAS) and FlipTV
- Teams SAG, Black Gulaman and Hammerheads
- Kampo Kalesa Kape
- XRL Hobby Shop
- Storm’s Airsoft Shack
- Tactical Options
- Citibank
- myAirsoftShop
- Level 6
- Tactical Labs
- Kombat Solutions
- Outlaw Gear
- ATACS Philippines*
- OZ, Fenris GUNGNIR and Tactical Labs (Popular Airsoft)

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