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I started with a TM and didn't have any problems. They are pretty reliable. I now have a CA SCAR-L yet to game it, but I'm the second owner and she's been pretty good as far as I know. Again it's all about what you like. Do you like long barreled weapons or Short? What kinds of roles do you see yourself filling while playing that's something else you might want to keep in mind. I've owned a G3 SG1 and the thing was awsome, but that's a lot of rilfe to be running around with all day, and I used it as a support weapon with the bipod. And if your doing CQB or things like that it's more or less a little too cumbersome for me. So far I've liked the shorter barreled weapons best, or some thing with a telescopic/folding stock, like the (TM) M4a1, (CA) SCAR-L , (TM) G36c, and (JG) MP5 RAS as well. But like any weapon it's all personal preference.

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