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I might also add that our AV system holds no legal bearing whatsoever. This is only setup as "our way" of dealing with irresponsible kiddies who decide to brandish their totally badass gangster glock they got in public and end up getting shot and killed by ERT or RCMP.

Airsoft already kind of has a bad rap already because of media perpetration of stereotypes of "airsofters" (the ones you always see in the news) whereas that's only the small minority and they're usually minors (which is why we have the 18+ AV thing). We're all pretty cool guys, responsible, and law abiding citizens.

Any other questions just post here and we'll be glad to help you out. Also do not get a sniper rifle as your first or second gun wait till maybe your 3rd or 4th. just search around and you should be able to get some good information (search bar is your friend). If you have a wife or girlfriend seriously understate the amount of money your stuff cost. They won't be very happy after you tell them you spent $1000+ on a toy gun that shoots bb's and related gear.
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