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FireSupport ? The Big 2009 Giveaway

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Here’s the latest from FireSupport:
FireSupport - The Big 2009 Giveaway - 31 days and 32 prizes

£2000 worth of prizes - Make an internet order for £200 or more to qualify.

Every internet order over £200 is entered into a prize draw for that day,

with a chance of winning one of the fantastic range of prizes including :-

  • TM VSR10
  • TM MEU
  • TM Glock 17
  • KSC Glock 18c
  • KSC USP .45
  • and 26 more prizes
And to top it all off there is a grand prize draw at the end of the month where all qualifying orders will be drawn to find the winner of an

Inokatsu M60E4 including box mag and battery.

Thanks Frank, (FireSupport)

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