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Heaps of Madbull SOCOMGEAR and ECHO1 news

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Iíve also got a bit of a backlog of MadBull news which Iím adding now:
MadBull release APS2 tight bore barrel (Python Version 2) Gents, Now it is the time to install the state-of-art Black Python barrels onto your APS sniper rifles! There is no doubt that our barrel is top 1 / top 2 in the market. Check article here:

Per customers request, we start to build barrel for APS-2. The following test results are provided by our US distributor.

************************************************** ******
Hey the new barrel DOES improve the fps of the gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stock barrel 439-452 with  ECHO1 .20

MB barrel 471-485 with ECHO1 .20

The fps increase is clear!!!!!
************************************************** ******

MADBULL PS90 Adapter available today 100% accurate external dimension as real steel. Also fit to Gemtech PS90 Dummy decoration adapter.

MadBull Black Python inner barrel is required. MSRP: 35

MadBull Gemtech Outback special "Light Weight" dummy silencer for Airsoft pistol  Full licensed product. 14mm CCW.

Perfect fit to SOCOMGEAR MEU silencer adapter. Extremely light weight design for pistol. MSRP: $35

MadBull Noveske Upper receiver OD and Tan, 50 pcs limited worldwide Gents, Since many users are asking, we decided to make 50 pcs of each OD and Tan color upper receivers.

As usual, top quality, 100% CNC machined. Noveske licensed.

Price is the same as black color. MADBULL

SOCOMGEAR MEU Limited Edition This is a great project work with several partners, including WE, SOCOMGEAR, MadBull and HSS.

Comes with real gun case (original design for real pistol $10), HSS Landyard ($20), MadBull Outback Decoration Silencer ($35)

MSRP $150 (Actual price will be lower from retail shop.)

Check photos for more details. 500 pcs worldwide limited.

Full licensed Daniel Defense Handguard Rail by SOCOMGEAR After long waiting, the most beautiful handguard rail replica is coming!

Full licensed by Daniel Defense. 1:1 scale. Using same manufacturing process and Aircraft Aluminum material.

Retail price will be similar to China copies but our quality will be way better than copycats. ETA: 10 days. First released in USA.

Note: Omega rail will be released by MadBull Airsoft in late Jan, 2009.

ECHO1 Minigun YouTube Commercial Gents, Please check the new ECHO1 Minigun commercial.

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