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Loads of updates from King Arms

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Thereís a lot of updates in from KingArms and they will also be at the HK Toys and games fair from 5-8th January (HKTDC). Read all the rest after the break:

Hi all, It has been a month since last update, wish that everyone is doing fine. Sorry for the long email because there is lots of picture and self talk, also due to the size of the email restriction I divided this update into 2 emails. Letís see what we have here for the new products:

Colt M4A1 We would to present two magnificent AEG to all Airsoft players in the game, the original Colt M4A1 and M4 CQB. First letís check out the M4A1, it is a full metal AEG with 7mm bearing gearbox, top-rated structure and texture and equipped with our bolt-lock function. Better yet it is produced under official Colt license! Say goodbye to those blurry markings! Take a look at the pictures and see how handsome it is. A true robust piece that you wonít be disappointed. Why get no-name AEG when you can get the KA gun which you can trust and appreciate with just a fraction more on cost?

Colt M4 CQB We also have the M4 CQB version to offer your. Same high quality as its brother M4A1.

TROY 4" CQB AEG As I told you guys before, I really like to travel light. Thatís the reason why we came up with this awesome CQB AEG, the Troy 4Ē CQB. The full length of this AEG with the stock extended is just 63cm! Perfect AEG for quick manoeuvre, my personal favourite choice.

M16 Metal Body - Vltor MUR/TROY Are you one of those skirmishers who are looking for something more unique and distinctive? Building your own AEG is the ultimate way to go! Get your hands on one of the hottest receiver in the market now, the Vltor MUR. It comes with a MUR upper and Troy lower receiver, use your imagination to build the prefect AEG you always dream of.

M16 Metal Body - TROY Ė DE On top of the MUR receiver, we got you this Troy M4 metal body in DE color in case you are looking for something different.

Please refer to another email I just sent to you for the second half of the update, thank you.

Best regards, Mark (KingArms)


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