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King Arms update: Micro Galil is coming!

From Arnie's Airsoft:

KingArms have sent in an update and images of their new AEG:
Dear fella, In October, King Arms launched the first AEG of the Galil series, the Galil SAR. It was an instant hit and people were amazed by how well the AEG was build. We also received lots of positive comments such as:

“We give high marks to the way King Arms replicated the Galil, down to some of the exacting details in the external and handguard area. It’s sturdy, no creaks and wobbles.”- Popular Airsoft Magazine Sep 2008.

“If you are either IPF reinactor or simply want an unique replica, KA Galil is a excellent choice…, Pros are numerous. Replica is very sturdy and well put together. At the time this is only reasonable prices Galil on the market and name King Arms gives guarantee that you purchase a quality item…, King Arms Galil is excellent all purpose rifle, which is at home in the woodland as in MOUT environment. In Short, King Arms did it again.”- AEG review

With such a successful launch, our team was so eager to speed up the process of the second AEG in the series, the Galil MAR, a.k.a. Micro Galil. It is a reduced size version of the Galil SAR and it is also the most modern and the smallest member in the Galil family. The Galil MAR was introduced by the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) in the early 90’s, IMI aimed to build a more effective and powerful compact 5.56mm compare to 9mm SMG as the company’s ad claims, “Maximum Firepower- Minimum Size”. It has been proven that IMI achieved what they wanted, by that the Israeli Police and Special Units of the Israeli Police as well as other government agencies around the world have picked up this sophisticated weapon.

After a few months of hard works, we finally came up with one of the best AEG we ever build. Our full metal Galil MAR AEG. It is equipped with 7mm bearing gearbox and it has our special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate the real firearm bolt-back action. The AEG is fully licensed and everything was build as close as the real steel as possible. Space for battery is huge, you can put a 12 AK type battery in there and shoot the heck out of it no problem. It comes with a 130rd magazine and hi-cap is also available by KA. A picture worth more than thousand words so please check out this handsome AEG with your own eyes. We are taking pre-order now and the delivery date should be in Jan 2009. Limited to 500 pieces so you all better act fast! 

Best regards, Mark, (KingArms)

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