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Originally Posted by 06SRT10 View Post
So how does this site keep the retailers just here, how can there be no outside contact you would think with the internet the address would be out there.

Cause if you look at where i am he has nothing, unless you have to be verified.
This site is by private membership. The retailers don't have separate web sites. There are not public airsoft stores. They're private dealers without store fronts.

For pistols, no "public" site has anything really worthwhile, IMO. However, many are starting to carry high grade AEGs like ICS and G&G that have been built with clear lower receivers to make them Canadian-legal. Dubbed "Cansoft" (as opposed to the "clearsoft" or "crapsoft" moniker attached to the cheaper guns), these are very worthy guns that are worth their price. And they're getting more widely available in Canada.
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