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Kill Has Entertainment OPS Inc.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know what we've been up to.

As some of you are aware, we started Harm's Way Entertainment about 4 months ago. Well, after performing the various business name searches prior to incorporation, well, let's just say Harms Way wasn't the best choice in names. So, here we are, Kill Has Entertainment OPS Inc. It's official, new name.

What is Kill Has?
We will be producing a quarterly DVD airsoft magazine, with the same video content being made available via a subscription system (at a VERY reasonable monthly rate) through the website. We will be bringing you coverage of everything airsoft, happening in Canada with expansion into U.S. and worldwide being considered for the future. As you may recall, there was some talk about a paper magazine for Canadian airsofters. After crunching numbers, we've come to a conclusion that we simply cannot support that project through advertising and subscribers, so we've gone to an online and DVD format instead.

In addition, Kill Has produces MilSim games, most recently Humanity's Hammer, with an upcoming game in early spring of next year OP: Swamp Rats. We also offer video production and marketing services.

At this time we are only offering our DVDs in english although we plan on covering airsoft events in Quebec. We do not have plans at this time to offer the DVDs with french content, although this may become a reality if we can secure french contributors.

Who is Kill Has?
I go by Whisper Kill on ASC, based in Ontario, and have been playing airsoft for around 6 years. I have produced many games, from small weekday skirmishes at Deadlands (back in the day) to large MilSims at the Harm's Way field and Flag Raiders. Myself, my partner and contributors from across Canada will be bringing you exciting news and information in a format that engages you.

When will this happen?
We've already produced a DVD for Humanity's Hammer, available for purchase (soon online). We plan on producing new airsoft video content each and every month for the website, with quarterly DVD magazines starting in 2009.

DVD release schedule:
Issue #1: Mid March
Issue #2: Mid June
Issue #3: Mid September
Issue #4: Mid December

Video content will consist of player and team profiles, interviews, product reviews and demos, game coverage and more. This project truly will require the support of the community to succeed.

Supporting the airsoft Community
One of our key mandates is to support those people who have been supporting the airsoft community at large, tirelessly and without issue. Businesses like Army Issue, Airsoft Innovations, BB Bastard, TTAC3 and others will find a valuable and unwaivering support from Kill Has Entertainment OPS Inc. Quality players, game hosts and others will also benefit from our work.

Contributors needed
We can't cover Canada on our own! We are seeking video contributors for each Province and Territory across Canada. If you are interested in providing quality airsoft video contributions please PM me directly and I can provide you with more detailed information.

Are you in a band and want your music used in one of our videos? Give us a shout.

Advertising Opportunities
For those interested, we have an advertising rate card and schedule available with rates for our online advertising opportunities as well as DVD ads/commercials. Initial rates will be VERY reasonable. PM Whisper Kill for more information.

In conclusion, I'd like to say welcome and please watch for more news and announcements as they become available. We welcome your feedback and constructive thoughts as we develop our idea. Watch for the Kill Has website coming soon!
Whisper Kill
1st Ranger Platoon of Canada
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