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Review: Milspec G36 Handguard Front Set - With Full Metal Rails, Barrel & Sling Adaptor -

Ok, here's my first review, so don't be too tough. First of all, I always found that my G36C looked too small. I prefer the full rifle look. So, for Christmas I got a Milspec K front end from Ehobby Asia(Ebay). For some reason they only have this product once in a while. It came to US$ 59 and CAN$ 72 after shipping and exchange rates. Here are pictures of the G36 with a K front end:

Without the rails:

1) The specs:


New Design 4 Hole Handguard
STEEL Outer Barrel Extension Included
Include Metal Sling Adaptor & Rails
Suitable for Tokyo Marui AEG


Weight 480g
Length (Full) 280mm
Length (Rail) 100mm / 180mm (Side/Under)
Built Material Nylon Fiber & Metal
Color Matte Black
AEG Suitable G36 Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG

2) Quality

Well, to start off, the actual K front end seems solid. I don't feel any play when it's on the gun. When not on the gun, the rear part is a little flexible, but not as much as the original C front end(Echo 1). The bottom of the handguard has holes, which is where the battery is located. I can still fit my 8.4v battery, but I'm not as to what else can fit. The handguard fits nicely on the gun. Overall, good and solid build. Nice finish, but doesn't match the rest of the gun(I prefer the color of the handguard, personally).
Here are some pics comparing the K to the C.

Now onto the rails. The rails seem cheap, there are production marks on them and are a little too shiny. A bit of paint, sandpaper and patience could fix this. The underneath of the rail is full, unlike the Echo1. They fit perfectly onto the hanguard and are very solid. The sling adaptor is also cheap looking and shiny. However, these parts do the job.

On the right, Echo1 and on the left, Milspec.

Now for the barrel extension and flash hider. These both came with a little rust on them, a little cleaning takes most of it off. The flash hider fits great onto the barrel extension. However, the barrel extension is a little too large for the end of the barrel on the gun. A little plumber's tape can fix this(no more wobble). Inside the barrel extension was a little excess metal, which was easily removed. Both pieces are very solid and full metal. A longer inner barrel would fit inside the assembly, increasing accuracy. Overall build is OK, simple adjustments needed.

3) Conclusion

Overall, this product is solid and well built, although the rails look cheap and the barrel is a little rusty. I was debating between the Milspec and the G&P. US$59 vs US$105. I think I got my moneys worth with Milspec. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Now I just need to replace my damn hop up so the gun will shoot.

Here's the gun, ready to rock and roll:
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