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Originally Posted by L.S.J.S View Post
I'v only been waiting a month.I wasn't trying to be cynical toward the av's Shit I barley have the time myself I work 6 days a week 12-14 hours a day I was just stating the reason why I would dip a diamond in shit and convince myself its an airsoft gun. And at the moment thats what I'm forced to do...........
Sorry man. I was just assuming that either you were waiting for like a week and just exaggerating how long you had to wait or actually did wait that long without replies from any AV rep. Anyways that's the end of that so just get it done ASAP is all I can tell you and we'll leave it at that.

Oh and gundocs for Ontario (copypasted from the thread here: )


Location: Ontario, Toronto
ASC User Name: m102404
Real Name: Tyson (Tys)
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, e-mail or cell (PM/e-mail first)
Type of Services Offered: AEG repairs, tuneups, upgrades/downgrades. Full AEG custom builds and packages. Select GBB repairs & upgrades. AEG tutorials and workshops (listed in Ont. Events Section and hyperlinked in my sig).

Notes: Discounts available through No charge for menial items and supplies. Pickup and delivery available in GTA, located central Toronto (2 blocks away from Eglinton West Station). References available...or just ask around .

Location: Ontario, Mississauga (Square One)
ASC User Name: T_A_N_K
Real Name: Joe
Preferred Method of Contact:PM
Type of Services Offered: AEG(Version 2/3 Maintenance, upgrades/downgrade, troubleshooting and repairs, Complete custom Builds) Painting.
- Turnaround time varies, usually 1 week, if parts are on hand. Local pick up and drop off in the GTA and regular fields.

Location: Ontario, Toronto (University/Dundas)
ASC User Name: ShelledPants
Real Name: Thomas, H.
Preferred Method of Contact:PM, phone (PM me for number)
Type of Services Offered: AEG(Version 2/3 Maintenance, Rewiring for most AEG types, Reliable LiPo batteries at cheap prices[bulk only])/GBB(TM/WE HiCapa)[/quote]

Location: Ontario, Markham
ASC User Name: Endymion
Real Name: Alan
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, e-mail (
Type of Services Offered: AEG (V2, V3 TM-compatible), GBB (TM/WE Hi-Capa/Glock/1911, TM Desert Eagle, KSC Glock) - upgrades, repairs, custom builds

- Min. one week turnaround (if parts on hand) unless previously arranged.
- Local fields frequented: Defcon, FTF, TTAC3
- Pick-up and drop-off arrangements possible within GTA and surrounding area

Location: Burlington/Hamilton, Ontario
ASC User Name: ujiro
Real Name: Micah T.
Preferred Method of Contact: PM, or e-mail/MSN
Type of Services Offered: Upgrading mainly/fixing VER 2 Mechbox (soon to be Ver 3. and Ver 7. but not yet)

Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill/Toronto
Real Name: Imran, S
Preferred Method of Contact: PM
Type of Services Offered: AEG anything on AK's and M4's. Smithing metal bodies, putting together custom guns.

Location : Ontario, Richmond Hill/Scarborough
Asc Username : DarkAngel
Real Name : Richard
Preferred Contact : PM or Phone
Services Offered : AEG/GBB Repairs/Painting/Upgrades Any Version Gearbox | Free Diagnosis with Repair
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