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will this fit in the JG Star Dragon

Systema Complete M120 Gearbox for M4 series
Manufacturer: Systema Price: $240.00
Average customer rating:

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Availability: in stock

Item details:

The complete Systema Fully-Assembled "Drop-In" mechboxes have arrived! Built with the best parts and leading-edge engineering from Systema, these gearboxes are built for power and reliability. Beautiful coated Teflon surfaces and high conductivity wires used for maximum performance. So if you are looking for a complete upgrade solution for your AEG, then act fast to grab yourself one of these!

Manufacturer: Systema
Design: Version 2 M4 (wire to front)
This Gearbox comes with:

* Reinforced gearbox
* Reinforced torque up gear set
* 7mm ball bearing bushings
* Polycarb Piston
* Ball Bearing Spring Guide
* Teflon Coated Cylinder
* Super high conductive wire set
* lubed with finest gear grease and cylinder grease
* Non bore up cylinder set for best air seal
* Professional installation required
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