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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I hate that thing, its a lazy post for people to lazy to give a legitimate answer.

I short all I can offer you is this:

It can shed a little bit of light.

Happy New Year.
Thank you TokyoSeven for the answer, reading this link and what you provided, I now have a much better understanding.

I find it very comical that I can go out and purchase in Canada a Beretta Elite that is described as "this air pistol is a great sporting replica of the real Beretta firearm" directly on Canadian retailers description of the air pistol, but I can't easily buy one that shoots 6mm plastic BBs at a lot less energy and has less potential for harm. Ahh Canada, the land of the unusual.

Sounds like I can find some dark colored AEPs on the classified section (yes I'm over 18 and have already contacted an age verification member) so that may be an option, but I'm a PAL holder, a member of a rifle range and am heavily involved in PAL rated air rifle competitions, so I'd rather not rock the boat by having a dark colored AEP.

Based upon the cfc statement:

"Many of these devices need to be assessed case by case. As a general rule, however, those made out of clear plastic and those that are a lot smaller than the real firearm are not prohibited replicas."

So if the AEP is mostly made from clear or brightly colored plastic, and it shoots less than 500fps I should be okay for the most part. I have friends in law enforcement that I shoot with, and typically they say "use your head" an you'll be fine. They have bigger issues to deal with.

SO now I wonder, does a clear or brightly colored AEP exist? My whole point of getting a AEP is to use as an indoor shooter when I don't want to pull out a BB pistol - a 6mm plastic BB is a lot less dangerous than a .177 steel one if there ever was a ricochet. I could go with a AGP, but I'm not a fan of CO2. I had no idea obtaining one would open up such a can of worms!
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