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i'veproblem with them too...but those are goin to Indonesia, coz i live there...
it's been a month waiting for unbelieveble service from EB..
when i ask paul about those wrong tracking number then he just said "u'll received it soon" come they will arrive since those tracking number didn't show up in HK post website....when i ask again that he could been wrong about those tracking number...then a simple words came from him " OK"....w*f is goin'on he dumb ass???...another words from him..wait...wait..& wait...until i die & haunted him for the rest of his life.... :banghead:

For EB:
If u read this please make a good communication between customer not just saying "OK..or wait soon"'s not an answer....sorry if i'm wrong...cos u never answer my question correctly...i just need an explanation

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