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I was just wondering What kind of upgrades and information about each of those guns for airsoft like wich can be upgraded easier witch shoot better witch come in metal, mags, ect any info would help alot.
As stated above, all three use the same gearbox, so upgrades are pretty much the same other than gun specific parts (selector & nozzle). The selector typically isn't an upgrade part, but replacing the nozzle with a better sealing one can help with a very mild fps increase. They all shoot well, so in that aspect, it's a matter of which one "fits" you better.

Personally, I find bullpups, while visually interesting, to be akward to handle, especially mag changes. AUG mags can also be difficult to find. Also, there's not a lot of accessories for the AUG compared to other guns. The AUG already comes with a long barrel, so getting a tightbore installed is your biggest bang for your buck.

The AK is very common, though some people find the stock a bit too short. Mags can also be a pain, if only because they are so long. It can be difficult to find pouches that fit them properly. Also, as the real AK is a prohibited firearm in Canada, getting parts in can be hit & miss. If the parts are already in country, no problem getting them though. The barrel is a medium length so a tigtbore will help, but the only way to got with a longer barrel is to hide it with a fake supressor or to convert the AK to an RPK or and SVD, neither is an inexpensive option.

The G36 series is quite popular, but the mags, again, are a pain. They have pins on the side to clip mags together. While this makes mag changes faster, the pins snag on pouches like crazy and break off fairly easy if you're not careful. Also, TM & CA lowcaps have fake rounds showing through the mag, so importation is a no-no. Get these incountry as well. Solid color mags like STAR, MAG, etc are ok though as are the transparent highcaps. The G36C is the most common varient, but also has the shortest barrel. Great of CQB, not so good for outdoor. Installing a longer barrel involves getting a G36K or G36"E" conversion kit and a longer inner barrel. Neither of these are restricted parts and can easily be imported on your own. You can also install a longer skeleton stock or even G&P's Norwegian "V" stock which can house a large battery. This stock can still fold as well as collapse into one of four positions.

As for which come in metal, the real AUG and the real G36 series are made primarily of polymers (plastic), so you can't have a metal AUG or G36 other than some RIS options. The AK is the only one that is metal, though most AEG's come in plastic. Some, more expensive, versions come with metal bodies, as well, you can get metal bodies (from Canada, not importing) to upgrade (i.e. replace) the plastic body.
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